Association for the Promotion of Languages via Lexicography and Open Data


Welcome on APLLOD !

You are on the site of APLLOD, Association for the Promotion of Languages via Lexicography and Open Data. This is an “Act 1901” non-profit association (that comes under the jurisdiction of the law of July 1st, 1901, and the decree of August 16th, 1901) registered on March 26th, 2013 in the prefecture of Montpellier (France) under the number W341006252.

Our website is open to all languages, even locals or in minority, so as to help them survive and/or develop. To that end, we offer services that will expand over time, such as:

In other words, we are hoping to become, in the end, a linguistic database that takes part in building an intercultural “main memory”, a sort of multilingual dictionary in perpetual motion.

The data offered on APLLOD are under the licence “Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported”. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

Letter from the President

Since a few decades, an incredible acceleration of the data-processing technology and the exponential expansion of the new media that results from it are at the origin of the globalization of information and, to a certain extent also, of the dominant culture, essentially Anglo-American. However and fortunately, particularisms have a thick skin and our planet still hosts innumerable languages and dialects (more or less) distinct from each other. Now, even if people have an accentuated need to communicate with the others who have a different culture and language, they have also an intrinsic need for the recognition of their particularities, that is to say their own culture. To break the famous “barriers of the language” the data processing and exchange have become an essential challenge.

Nowadays, the interpretation as well as the written translation are performed less and less using paper dictionaries, supplanted by various more modern and faster solutions: automatic translators, lexicons and other online glossaries, more or less specialized databases, etc. Unfortunately, the results returned by these tools are very often imperfect, even erroneous. As for the available data, they are very incomplete and still too much “scattered”.

Our project aspires to fill these gaps, in particular with regard to the classification and the updating of grammatical and lexical information. Otherwise, we noticed on several occasions that even official institutions could produce online incomplete resources moreover containing errors. Now, these resources are essential in many activities (research, use within a professional framework, safeguarding of the heritage, etc.). APLLOD intends well to make the most of Internet to ensure the constant progress of its contents thanks to all the attention and the regular control of our translators and linguists team, who will be the guarantors of the our data quality. Finally, we propose to share them entirely free, to be able to touch the greatest number and to allow the realization of a maximum of potential projects, whatever are their carriers. For this purpose, we will make sure to put at users’ disposal a download platform and to employ reusable formats adapted to various applications.