Association for the Promotion of Languages via Lexicography and Open Data

The Arpentium project


This is a project based on a university/private/state partnership, spanish open source, active from 2005 to 2009, which goal is to make an automatic translation tool from spanish to its derivatives (Catalan, Occitan, etc.) and to Portuguese or English. It is evolutive so it can support any language. Here is the site of the project :

The idea is to use pairs of words or expressions and to implement an ensemble of syntactic reformating rules to translate. Since 2009, it seems like they’ve only added language pairs.



This open project is quite interesting, as it is related to our own project. We will either integrate it or take inspiration from it in our future developments. Our project could supply, for example, the initial data needed to make word pairs between two languages. The ones who would like to create new pairs of languages will benefit from complete primary ressources thanks to our work, contrary to the limited lists currently available.