Association for the Promotion of Languages via Lexicography and Open Data

The LDI (Lexicons, Dictionaries and Informatics)


The LDI : "Lexicons, Dictionaries, Informatics" is a laboratory that uses the lexicon to elaborate or analyze dictionaries by using informatics. The LDI is a bi-site unity, which owns premises in the University Paris 13 – Paris-Nord (main institution of affiliation) and in the University Cergy-Pontoise (secondary location of affiliation), and its second administrative supervision (as the UMR) is the CNRS. The URL of the LDI is :




Planning in the long-term planning help this structure reinforce its coherence while justifying the pursue of its work. The projects initiated by the LDI interess vividly the members of APLLOD, who, however, deplore the laboratory attitude which is not very open-minded. It may enjoy public ressources (accessible for free), but some of the links (such as the one for "Verb groups and diagrams") are broken, meaning unusable. Besides, the ressources that seemed the most interesting to us (such as "Morfetik – Morphological French Dictionary : flexor and conjugator", or "Neologia – Neologic terms Dictionary") are protected, so once again, inaccessible to others.