Association for the Promotion of Languages via Lexicography and Open Data

Data we’re offering

Language or dialect typifying

A language will be formally defined, internally, by a triplet of values coming from different IETF coding systems :

We will then obtain an exhaustive database to describe any language.

Word or locution typifying

In each language, the words will include the following information:

As for the verbs, we will also provide conjugation charts.

Work management

We will offer the possibility to download as many files as we have charts available in the database for each language, in oder to show the all the links between the data. They will be identifiers linking the entries of each file, which will make the data more efficient and as small as possible. Remember that, for example, French has about 350,000 words or expressions, and Spanish has about 570,000.

Except for private organizations, such as publishers like Larousse, we shall become the most complete ressource of lexicographic and semantic database.

We will only use as ressources the work of legitimate professionals on the subject :

The work will be exclusively collaboratve and won’t require any content post-controls (like Wiipedia does), since ours will come from capabale and benevolent people. Which will participate in making it simple and in creating a structural economy.